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TFP - Tailored Fiber Placement -
Carbon Preforms & Smart Textiles

TFP Technology GmbH in the saxony Vogtland is a German manufacturer of textile fiber fabrics and carbon semi-finished products / preforms as well as reinforcing structures for fiber composite components using embroidery technology. In the Fiber Placement method bundled fiber strands (rovings) are laid on a carrier material and then fixed in place with stitchings. During production, the layer unit and the frame with the carrier material are steered by the latest CNC technology so the fiber strands can be arranged in any direction and optimal way. The textile preforms are manufactured close to the final contour using the TFP process and can be further processed using thermosetting or thermoplastic method

Our technologies open new applications for fiber composite components, especially in the fields of aviation, medical technology, automotive and sports and leisure.

In addition to fiber rovings, our technology also makes it possible to integrate functional threads, wires or heating strands/conductors in any shape. Thus, we can efficiently manufacture electrical heating elements and heating mats tailored to our customer's individual needs or to integrate them as a function in their fiber structure.

We are your partner from development to series production. With our know-how in tailored fiber placement, automated preform production and bionic fiber placement, we can flexibly and economically produce small and large series of the highest quality for you. Our semi-finished products convince by outstanding textile, thermal, mechanical and optical properties.