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Function integration in GRP & CFRP-components: Anti-Icing, De-Icing, heating solutions, sensor elements & textile sensors

Our CNC embroidery technology allows to process not only fiber rovings such as carbon, glass and aramid, but also resistance wires or heating strands/conductors in any desired shape. Therefore we can manufacture electrical heating elements and heating mats, tailored to customer requirements, very efficiently. Our know-how allowed both fields be combined with each other and thus most innovative solutions can be offered, e.g. in the field of anti-icing and/or de-icing of composite structures.

Electrical panel heating systems can be integrated into carbon structures because our systems are self-insulating and have a high dielectric strength. Low basis weights and body heights are also an advantage over other solutions. Carrier materials such as glass mats or carbon fabrics, which can be fused with resin, can also be used.

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Our technological advantages combined with the TFP process in solutions for Anti-Icing / De-Icing: