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Tailored fibre placement – Innovative fiber laying technology for Automotive & Motorsport

Textile reinforcement structures are the innovative alternative for components with high requirements, especially in automotive & motorsports.

Where in other manufacturing processes an element is manufactured from several parts and thus partially loses its strength and the transmission of force, is this not the case with the TFP process. All fiber strands run through one element. The fibers are laid in one piece, thus creating a complete reinforcement structure. A good example are Carbon fiber wheels. We can produce the preform in one piece.

Cost-effective and resource-saving production, higher rigidity and lightweight construction potential due to lower weight are several advantages of our technology.

Textile reinforcement structures can be made from a wide variety of fibers, such as carbon (thicknesses from 3K to 50K), glass fiber, aramid, steels, basalt, ceramics and hybrid fibers. The applications are almost unlimited.

Properties such as corrosion and temperature resistance as well as acid protection are important issues in automotive and motorsport sectors. Our technology ensures these properties. Textile reinforcement structures also offer individual formability.