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Tailored fiber placement for complex carbon fiber preforms and composite structures in Aviation

The technical standards to components in aviation are huge. High component stiffness and strength with low component mass are required. Reinforcing structures made of textile fiber layers and carbon (preforms) semi-finished products for fiber composite components using embroidery technology are the perfect choice to achieve this huge standards.

Whether for landing flaps, lifters, window frames or other components in aircraft construction - with our technology we are redefining lightweight construction. Automated fiber placement supported by latest CNC Technology, we can design the fiber composite components to form reinforcement structures in a stress-compliant and process-safe manner. We produce close to the final contour and in any shape so we achieve higher weight savings compared to other processes and are virtually waste-free.

Our advantages for textile fiber scrims and carbon (preforms) semi-finished products for fiber composite components in aviation / aircraft construction: