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Flexible heating mats and pads for medical applications

The medical sector makes huge demands on its aids (mats, mattresses, pads) and equipment - washable, antibacterial, highly flexible and durable.

Our smart embroidery technology allows us to process not only fiber rovings such as carbon, glass and aramid, but also resistance wires or heating strands/conductors in any desired shape. We are able to manufacture electrical heating elements and heating mats, tailored to customer requirements very efficiently.

The advantage of our flexible heating mats is the completely definability of the layout. The size can be designed individually as well as the heating power and above all where it should be generated. Surface heating elements from TFP are also highly flexible and durable. They can even withstand strong bending loads. Our technology and the textile carrier, we can also produce extremely large heating elements (max. 2.150 x 2.000 mm).

Advantages of the textile properties in the medical sector: washable, highly flexible and kink-resistant; depending on the design also antibacterial.