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Carbon fiber and wire embroidery - Technical smart embroidery

Embroidery is one of the oldest and highest quality textile manufacturing techniques. We use the TFP process (Tailored Fiber Placement) to realize fiber placements by CNC embroidery machines. With this smart technology, fiber strands (carbon, glass fiber, aramid) are laid or sewn onto a carrier substrate in such a way that the fiber orientation is optimally aligned with the force curves.

Semi-finished products can be manufactured productive and with a high degree of reproducibility. Due to the exact fiber placement, a nearly waste-free working is possible.

With our machinery we are able to cover single and serial production. In addition to machines for sampling and prototype production, we have several 12m-long serial embroidery machines, camera-supported laser systems, as well as in-house lamination facilities. This enables us to react quickly and flexibly to your wishes.

Smart and technical embroidery is a perfect way to solve tasks all over the world!